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Level Switches

We are reckoned Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of Level Switches. The wide gamut of Level Switches that we offer includes Diaphragm Level Switch and Point Level Switches. The range of Level Switches is precisely designed using the cutting-edge technology and the latest equipment.

Flow Meters

We are one of the recognized Manufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers of Flow Meters. The wide range of Flow Meters comprises of Electromagnetic Flowmeter and Ultrasonic Flowmeters. The flawless range of Flow Meters is designed by our expert and professionals accurately as per the international standards.

Level Transmitters

We are recognized Manufacture, Exporter and Supplier of Capacitance Level Transmitters, Fuel Level Transmitter, Ultrasonic Level Transmitters and Radar Level Transmitters. The Level Transmitters are developed using state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities with high-grade material.

Microwave Moisture Measurement Sensor

The microwave moisture measurement sensor is designed to measure the level of moisture and water in thin layers. The series of microwave moisture measurement sensors we offer at Jaycee Technologies Pvt. Ltd. in Pune comes at a low cost and runs on a single frequency so the moisture content is determined quickly and in a non-destructive way.

Buy Microwave Moisture Measurement Sensor in Pune

Our microwave moisture measurement sensors adhere to the free-space transmission measurement principle of the dielectric properties. The sensors we offer give you precise and trustworthy moisture measurements on a plethora of applications. For the sake of high basis weight, the sensors we provide are optimised. Besides, they also abide by the exclusive properties of microwave technologies so they pierce through the thick material layers.

  • Hydro-Mix Microwave Moisture Measurement Sensor

    Body : Stainless Steel

    Construction Protection Ring : Hardened Steel

    Construction Faceplate : Ceramic

    Moisture Range : The Sensor Will Measure Up to Saturation of Material.

    Material Penetration : Approximately 75-100mm dependent on material.

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    Hydro-Mix Microwave Moisture Measurement Sensor

  • Hydro-Probe Microwave Moisture Measurement Sensor

    Construction Body : Stainless Steel

    Construction Faceplate : Ceramic

    Construction Refresh Rate : 25 times per second.

    Construction Fixing : The sensor must be placed in the flow of MateriaL

    Bins and Silos : Install in the neck of a bin or underneath the gate. Standard and Extension Mounting Sleeves are available to suit different bin widths.

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    Hydro-Probe Microwave Moisture Measurement Sensor

Ultrasonic Level Meter

The distance is measured by the ultrasonic level meters with the help of ultrasonic waves. The ultrasonic level meter we provide at Jaycee Technologies Pvt. Ltd is the only meter that uses the largely popular GAP technology to identify the accurate echo. Our product uses little GAP at every distance that is present within the measurement range.

Get Low-Cost Ultrasonic Level Meter

You can expect our ultrasonic level meters to run even in polluted environments. There is no need to clean the transducer face, as it does the job itself. The product is designed to operate both through heavy vapour and smoke. Unlike other ultrasonic level meter suppliers, we ensure our product works in narrow vessels, thanks to the power technology, amplitude, and GAP dynamic gain.

Level Sensor

Level sensors are manufactured for the monitoring, upkeep, and measurement of liquid levels. The data perceived after liquid level detection is converted into an electric signal by the level sensor. Our premier level sensors at Jaycee Technologies Pvt. Ltd provides level sensors to automatic industries.

Top-Class Level Sensor Manufacturers

When you choose level sensors from us, the level of a medium inside a silo or tank is continuously measured by it. The sensor commissioning can be availed directly on the sensor using a laptop, tablet, or even a smartphone with the help of Bluetooth. The level sensors we offer monitor permanently the critical measured values and the parameters of the instrument.

  • Capacitance Position Detection Level Sensor

    Sensing Range (SD) : 1.0 to 30 Mm, Factory Set At 15 Mm

    Sensitivity : Adjustable Via Magnetic Key

    Effective operating distance (Sr) : 0.9 X Sn ≤ Sr ≤ 1.1 X Sn

    Usable operating distance (Su) : 0.8 X Sr ≤ Sr ≤ 1.2 X Sr

    Repeat accuracy (R) Rated operational : ≤ 5%

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    Capacitance Position Detection Level Sensor

  • Conductivity Level Sensor

    Switching Unit : Micro controller Based.

    Housing : DIN RAlL,suitable for back panel mounting

    Mains Voltage : 65-265 V AC, 50HZ/18-36 V DC

    Output : 1 sets of potential free c/o contacts rated at 5 amps for each set point.

    Ambient Temperature : 0 ° C + 60 " C

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    Conductivity Level Sensor

  • Diaphragm Level Sensor

    Ambient Temperature : 60 Deg Micro Switch

    Cable gland : Pg 11

    Work Ambient Temperature : 60 Degree C

    Protection : IP 40

    Normal sensitivity : 100 gm / 400 gm

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    Diaphragm Level Sensor

  • RF-NRF Admittance Level Sensor

    Housing : Steel/ Aluminum, weather proof, powder coated. Integral with the probe.

    Cable entry : 1 nos.( Standard)

    Ambient temperature : 0 ° C to +60° C

    Power consumption : 0.3 VA

    Mains Voltage : 18 to 30 V DC or 65 to 265 (In cast Al. Housing)

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    RF-NRF Admittance Level Sensor

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