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Capacitance Position Detection Level Sensor
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Product Details

Sensing Range (SD) 1.0 to 30 Mm, Factory Set At 15 Mm
Sensitivity Adjustable Via Magnetic Key
Effective operating distance (Sr) 0.9 X Sn ≤ Sr ≤ 1.1 X Sn
Usable operating distance (Su) 0.8 X Sr ≤ Sr ≤ 1.2 X Sr
Repeat accuracy (R) Rated operational ≤ 5%
Current (ie) ≤ 100 mA(continuous)
No Load Supply Current (Io) ≤ 12 mA
Voltage drop (Ud) ≤ 2.5 VDC @ max. load
Protection Short-circuit, reverse polarity, transients
For Status Green LED
For Alarm Red LED
Operating Temperature 0 to +60 deg. C
Housing Material Body and Check-nut , Metallic

PiCap is microcontroller based, working on ultra high frequency principal, capable of detecting metallic and non-metallic objects at distances, reliably and efficiently. PiCap sensitivity is factory set to detect most of the available substances in common Industrial applications. Since the detection range depends on the dielectric constant of the media and the nearness of objects surrounding the installation; in special cases, the sensitivity may need adjustment. The detection distance can be set by non contact magnetic switch for a desired distance within the PiCap limits.


  • Digital sensing, digital setting Available in metal housing
  • Flush or non-flush types
  • Long sensing range
  • Non contact magnetic key provided for sensitivity adjustment in typical applications
  • Current li...


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Conductivity Level Sensor
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Product Details

Switching Unit Micro controller Based.
Housing DIN RAlL,suitable for back panel mounting
Mains Voltage 65-265 V AC, SOHZ/18-36 V DC
Output 1 sets of potential free c/o contacts rated at 5 amps
Ambient temperature 0 ° C + 60 " C
Power consumption 2.5 VA
Safety operation Field selected switch over for minimum or maximum (FSL/FSH) switching points.
Switch status display LED L1 to L4 for four points of level Alarm and L5 for power ON/ timer.


  • No moving part, free from maintenance.
  • No special cable required for signal transmission, ECONOMICAL to install.
  • Long cable connection permissble between probe and evaluation unit.
  • AC on probes for prevention of electrolytics deterioration of electrodes.
  • Low voltage on probe for operational safety.
  • Varient of control functions and installation system available, beside single point switching.


Two point action for automatic pump control.

Two point independent switching.

Three point switching , two points with pump control logic and one independent point.

Four point switching having two-pumb control logic.

Variety of probes available for various process condition.

Multichannel ~4 point independent switching available for various proc...


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Diaphragm Level Sensor
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Product Details

Ambient temperature 60 Deg Micro Switch
Normal Sensitivity 200 gm(Rubber) / 400 gm(SS)
Diaphragm Membrane material Nitrial Rubber / SS
contacts 15 Amp, 230 V AC, Potential free
Cable Gland PG 11
Main body Cast Aluminium
Switching Housing Polymer for SS type
Protection for switching housing: IP 67


The JAYCEEBOOT consists of a micro switch inside a cast Al housing , covered by a flexible Diaphragm.



The JAYCEEBOOT level switch is used for indicating, controlling, and regulating the level of granulated or powdered dry materials with a grain diameter up to 30 mm and a density of 0,3 to 2,5 g/cm3, flowing through a silo, hopper or chute.



The device must be mounted so that the diaphragm membrane is exposed to the product whose level should be controlled, in such a way that the product can press the diaphragm. The material weight presses the diaphragm which is adjusted with the micro switch through a flexible mechanism. A liver attached to the diaphragm transfers the pressure to the micro switch which changes the contact. When the material recedes the diaphragm comes back to its normal position and the micro switch again changes the contact.

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RF-NRF Admittance Level Sensor
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Product Details

Housing Steel/ Aluminum, weather proof, powder coated. Integral with the probe.
Cable entry 1 nos.( Standard)
Ambient temperature 0 ° C to +60° C
Power consumption 0.3 VA
Mains Voltage 18 to 30 V DC or 65 to 265 (In cast Al. Housing)
Output Housing PNP or relay output in cast Al.
Switching delay Continuously adjustable From 1 to 20 sec. probe free or probe covered (in cast Al Version).
Safety operation Field selected switch over for min. or max. (In Cast Al Version).
Switch status display Green LED shows Normal, Red LED shows alarm.
Operating Frequency 6 Khz
Sensitivity Setting Digitally setable



Mounting Screwed 1 1/2” BSP (standard) Or Flanged (optional)
Sense Rod Stainless steel
Shield Stainless steel
Insulation PTFE (standard) other on request
Operating Temp 200°C max
Pressure upto 60 bar (Inside Vessel)


  • Buiidind Industry materials, Cement,sand,lime, etc
  • Foodstuff Industry powder, granular etc.
  • Timber Industry, chemical and mining etc.



  • JAYCEEADMIT 3600 : With PNP output , DC mains 18 to 30 V DC
  • JAYCEEADMIT 3601 : With DPDT Relay Output , Mains 18-36 V DC & 65-265 V AC

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