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Vibrating Fork Level Switch

The vibrating fork level switch we provide at Jaycee Technologies Pvt. Ltd uses a tuning fork that is piezoelectric-driven and displays a dramatic change when added to a liquid, in resonate frequency. A microprocessor-based electronic unit maintains the resonate state of the sensor, while it converts from dry to wet or vice versa.

Reliable Vibrating Fork Level Switch Manufacturers in India

The changes produced by a dry or a wet sensor are always kept under scrutiny in the resonant frequency and it is through a relay that the alarm is offered. The easy maintenance device we provide is designed around the principle of tuning fork to offer you detection for all control, monitoring, and alarm. To protect the pump to prevent overfill, our range of vibrating fork switches is just what you need.


Vibrating Fork Level Switch For Powders
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Jaycee started in 2000 starting with manufacturing of vibrating tuning fork level switches for solid with various outputs suiting control requirements. also manufacturing vibrating forktuning fork level switches for liquid applications. In addition, the manufacturing range include vibrating rod level switches and capacitance level transmitter or switches, rf admittance level switches, near rf admttance level swiches, rotating paddle level switches, conductivity based level switches , capacitance level switches and capacitance rf level transmitters, fuel level sensors and transmitters. And in 2012 introduced electromagnetic flow meters. Products designed and manufactured by jaycee conform to various international quality standards.

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Aquafork Swift - 700 Series Vibrating Fork Level Switch
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Product Details

Housing SteeI/ Aluminum, weather proof, powder coated. Integral with the probe
Cable entry 1 nos.(In cast Al. Housing)
Ambient temperature O°C to +60° C
Power consumption 0.3VA
Mains Voltage 18 to 36 V DC
Output PNP or Relay output in cast Al. Version
Switching Delay Continuously adjustable From 2 to 20 sec. probe free or probe covered (in cast Al Version).
Safety operation Field selected switch over for min. or max. (FSL/FSH) switching Points (In Cast Al Version).
Switch status display Green LED shows Normal, Red LED shows alarm.


Mounting Screwed - 1 " BSP (standard) Or Flanged (optional)
Sense Fork, Stainless steel
Extension type Pipe (optional) in extended type
Length 125 mm (standard) up to 3000mm and as per application.
Operating Temp in 150 deg for the integral switching Vassal unit. (standard)/ 200°C Optional.
Pressure Upto 40 bar (Inside vessel)


  • Fast and Easy Installation No Calibration.
  • No effect of electrical properties of the Service material. High Reliability.
  • Suitable for the highly dusty environment.
  • Field selectable operation logic. Can be configured either for High or Low level point switching.


* Provides economical solutions, Various model not required. Reduces the Inventory cost.



  • The complete system, AQUAFORK -7000... series, consists of :-
  • The sensing probe of Vibrating Fork and The Electronic Switching unit



The electronically stimulated fork vibrates at its mechanically resonance frequency of about 400 Hz when the fork is free of the service material. The resonance is cause...


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HARP - 2000 Series Vibrating Fork Level Switch
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Product Details

Insertion Length 200-3000 mm
Wetted Parts SS304/316
Max Temp Up to 200° C
Max Pressure 10KG/cm2
Bulk Density > 0.5KG/cm3
Output 5A, 250 VAC x DPDT
Enclosure Cast AI x IP66 or Ex-P IIB
Options Integral, Two part


Fork (Sensing Probe)
Mounting Screwed 1 1/2” Bsp (standard) Or Flanged (optional)
Sense Fork, Stainless Steel
Extension Pipe ( Optional) In Extended Type
Length 200 Mm (standard) Up To 3000mm And As Per Application.
Operating Temp 150°C For The Integral Switching Vassal Unit. (standard)/ 200°C Optional.
Switching Unit
Housing : Steel/ Aluminum, Weather Proof, Powder Coated. Integral With The Probe
Cable Entry 1 Nos.( Standard)
Ambient Temperature 0 ° C To +60° C
Power Consumption 0.3 Va2
Mains Voltage > 18 To 30 V Dc Or 65 To 265(In Cast Al. Housing)3
Output Pnp Or Relay Output In Cast Al. Housing
Switching Delay Continuously Adjustable From 1 To 20 Sec. Probe Free Or Probe Covered (in Cast Al Version).
Safety Operation Field Selected Switch Over For Min. Or Max. (FSL/FSH) Switching Points (In Cast Al Version).
Switch Status Display Green Led Shows Normal, Red Led Shows Alarm.

We are ISO certified Vibrating Fork Level Switches manufacturer in India. We provide a complete guide for principles and usages of our products so that the users can get the best results out of it.

Best points about Jaycee’s vibrating fork level switches

  • Full electric auto-driven product.
  • Long-lasting quality products.
  • Available at the most competitive prices.
  • Clear technical specifications.
  • Description of working mechanism.
  • Easy to use, even illiterate people can use this after trying once.

Jaycee technology is rapidly growing in order to cover domestic as well as international market for its products. Being prominent Vibrating Fork Level Switches manufacturer in India, our professionals keep the environment in consideration too. This way, our...


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