What Is The Unique Working Pattern Of Radar Level Transmitters?

Posted by Admin on October, 15, 2022

Radar level transmitters are electronic devices that are used for fluid level measurements. This level transmitter uses radar technology for liquid-level detection. This transmitter functions based on electromagnetic waves at a range of 10GHz under microwave X-band bandwidth.

Due to the non-contact level of measurement, this level transmitter has got its place in industries such as mining, boiler technologies, paper, and pulp industries.

The Uniqueness of Radar Transmitter

A radar transmitter generates the required transmitted signal of the correct power and detailed characteristics. Radar transmitters take the necessary actions while sending a signal-

1. The target detection of the radar performance. It is very unique.

2. The particular settings of the users, such as the display range.

3. The international telecommunications union sets frequency and interference limitation requirements.

4. Subtleties in the specific design of the radar system help a particular manufacturer improve its overall performance.

Set up of Radar Level Transmitter

The unique setup of the radar level transmitters is as follows-

• Solid State Oscillator- A stable state oscillator works as an electromagnetic signal transmitter. The solid-state oscillator sends out electromagnetic waves in the direction of the fluid surface to measure the depth of the fluid without any physical contact.

• Radar Antenna- A radar antenna in the radar level transmitter works as a transducer between the space in the fluid container and the electromagnetic signal sources. The antenna gets the process signals and transfers them to the receiver.

• The receiver is a hardware microprocessor that converts the received signal into a reading. The signal processor performs the computer data conversion to digital lessons.

• The setup can give an advanced system with these three fundamental setup components of the radar level transmitter.

Working Principles of Radar Level Transmitters

The working principle of radar fluid level transmitter is as follows-

1. This transmitter is used as the level sensor itself, and electromagnetic signals are sent from the sensor. The solid-state oscillator installed in the radar level sensor sets up oscillating electromagnetic waves to the liquid surface.

2. When the electromagnetic waves hit a fluid surface, the surface reflects a pulsating signal to the radar antenna. The antenna transmits the signals to the receiver. The receiver collects the signal returning pulse reflection, and the time taken for examination is calculated.

3. The signal processor performs the time-to-level calculation. When the signal processor translates reflection time into distance traveled, that is considered the fluid's depth according to the time domain performance.

Benefits of Using Radar Level Transmitter

A radar sensor can measure levels perfectly through a continuous process. A radar level meter cannot harm the environment with its signal. It has interference echo that can be suppressed. The function can be set in the radio transmitter with a digital display.

A radar level meter is helpful in high temperature and pressure by choosing different kinds of radar levels.

You can visit several online stores to choose the authentic radar level transmitter supplier to get the original radar level transmitter.

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