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Posted by Admin on January, 21, 2022

Hydrostatics is the science of fluids not in motion. A hydrostatic level detector could be a sort of a level probe that's used particularly for level observation by measuring the hydrostatic pressure in an exceedingly near static liquid at a predetermined level of submersion.

What is hydrostatic Level Transmitter

A hydrostatic level transmitter could be a submersible pressure transmitter that includes a pressure diaphragm wherever the inner facet of the diaphragm is ventilated to air pressure through a vent tube within the cable and therefore the outer facet is in touch with the liquid and measure the static pressure of the liquid column on top of the transmitter. This static pressure is essentially caused by the load of the fluid on top of the transmitter and is employed to calculate the amount of the liquid.

What is meant by hydrostatics?

Hydrostatic pressure sensors are used for the measuring of the amount or filling height of a liquid. hydrostatic pressure measurement is suited to level measuring because of the hydrostatic impact of non flowing fluids. This physical principle describes the impact of the burden force of a stationary, that means non-flowing, liquid on a measured purpose. This weight force is typically delineated as “hydrostatic pressure”. The foremost necessary condition for hydrostatic level measuring is what's referred to as the “hydrostatic contradiction in terms.”

This means that, in spite of the form and volume of a vessel, the hydrostatic pressure at the measuring purpose of a tank or vessel is proportional solely to the filling height. Thus, despite the apparent contradiction of an over-proportional increase or decrease within the volume or weight of a liquid with a modification in height, the hydrostatic pressure at the measurement purpose is exclusively proportional to absolutely the filling height, and to not the filling amount.

The function of hydrostatic Level Transmitter

Level transmitters offer continuous level measuring over the assortment of the system instead of at one purpose and turn out an output that directly correlates to the amount inside a vessel. From depth and pressure, to float, radar, ultrasonic, and electrical phenomenon, these transmitters use totally different technologies designed severally for specific level applications.

Advantages and limitations of hydrostatic level measuring

Hydrostatic pressure and level measuring get pleasure from systematically high quality because of its high strength, high responsibleness and easy installation of this technology. the subsequent characteristics represent the best blessings and limitations over different measuring principles:


  • tested and established measuring principle with high responsibleness, field-tested several times
  • Robust measuring method, unaffected by turbulent factors like mud, foam, vapour, build-up, contaminants, etc.
  • Reliable measuring unaffected by several physical characteristics like conductivity, non-conductor coefficient or consistency
  • Level measuring unaffected by vessel geometry and existing put in instrumentation
  • Simple installation and operation of submersible pressure transmitters and traditional pressure sensors while not the necessity for standardization or adjustment
  • Direct contact with the medium
  • Numerous different style variations and detector technologies for nearly each application


Unsuitable for bulk material

Accurate measuring needs either media with constant density or continuous density measuring of the medium

Inner construction of the hydrostatic level transmitter

Hydrostatic Level Transmitters are settled at the bottom of the supposed measuring vary and can output a sign proportional to the amendment of level within the fluid above. The hydrostatic level transmitter suppliers are precisely designed & made up of high-quality ceramic pressure sensors. The pressure detector is packaged in stainless-steel housing to suit most level measurements. The water-proof cable connects with housing sealed, with ventilated tube setting up, the transmitter may well be utilised in the water or liquid for a protracted time. Integrated construction and customary output might offer straightforward operation and smart automatic management.

Properties of hydrostatic level transmitter

Because of its high-quality ceramic diaphragm, hydrostatic Level Transmitter has glorious properties. These sensors are hermetically tight and extremely strong in their stainless-steel housing. hydrostatic liquid level detectors are pressure sensors that are specifically designed to live the vertical height of a given fluid above the installation purpose of the sensor. The measured hydrostatic pressure is directly proportional to liquid height and therefore the conversion magnitude relation depends on the liquid density and native attractive force. Hydrostatic Liquid level sensors are used for measuring and dominant hydrostatic fluid levels in liquid storage tanks, boreholes, reservoirs, waste material plants, waterways, food, chemical plants, periodic event water or H2O etc.


  • Pressure Range: 0-0.5…200 mH2O
  • Operating worker. Range: -20 to +70°C
  • Output Signal: 4…20 mA, 0.5…4.5 VDC, 0-5 VDC, 0-10VDC, RS485
  • Power Supply: 12…36VDC, 5VDC (only for zero.5…4.5 VDC)
  • Housing: stainless-steel 304SS, choice 316SS
  • Diaphragm: Ceramic 99% Al2O3
  • What do leading hydrostatic level transmitters suppliers promise?
  • Better performance
  • Trusted quality
  • Affordable rating
  • Nationwide delivery
  • Installation and demonstration
  • Minimum maintenance
  • A wider vary of level transmitters

If you're aiming to purchase one, you would like to search out the top-rated suppliers to fancy the mentioned edges.

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