Conductivity Level Sensor


  • No moving part, free from maintenance.
  • No special cable required for signal transmission, ECONOMICAL to install.
  • Long cable connection permissble between probe and evaluation unit.
  • AC on probes for prevention of electrolytics deterioration of electrodes.
  • Low voltage on probe for operational safety.
  • Varient of control functions and installation system available, beside single point switching.


Two point action for automatic pump control.

Two point independent switching.

Three point switching , two points with pump control logic and one independent point.

Four point switching having two-pumb control logic.

Variety of probes available for various process condition.

Multichannel ~4 point independent switching available for various process condition.



A low AC voltage is applied between the probe electrode and the tank wall (or reference electrode in case of insulated tank). When the liquid comes in contact with the electrode tip, a conductive path is established between the sense electrode and the tank wall / reference electrode. This current is sensed, amplified and made to operate a relay whose contact in turn can be used for annunciation/control.



JAYCEEAQUA 4000 level switches are used in processing plants for conductive liquids of conductivity not less than 25 micro siemens in Food, Power, Chemicals, Sugar, Detergents, Steel, Minerals, Textiles, WTP and ETP etc. For conductive Liquids and Low-conductive Liquids such as DM-Water. Suitable for liquid having conductivity as low asl micro Siemens.



Switching 'OFF' pumps when tank is full, to avoid overflow For maintaining a constant level to avoid material wastage For switching ‘OFF’ pumps before running dry and indicating an empty tank to avoid wear and tear & production stoppage



  • Mounting : Screwed - 1/2" BSP [standard] Above 1/2" BSP and flanged mounting (As per application and requirement)
  • Sensing Probe : Stainless steel 304/ 316 rod / rope type
  • Insulation :PTFE (standard) Other insulation on request and as per application.
  • Operating temperature : 200oC max. (Inside vessel]



Switching Unit Micro controller Based.
Housing DIN RAlL,suitable for back panel mounting
Mains Voltage 65-265 V AC, SOHZ/18-36 V DC
Output 1 sets of potential free c/o contacts rated at 5 amps
Ambient temperature 0 ° C + 60 " C
Power consumption 2.5 VA
Safety operation Field selected switch over for minimum or maximum (FSL/FSH) switching points.
Switch status display LED L1 to L4 for four points of level Alarm and L5 for power ON/ timer.

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